Chartered Accountants and Professional Accountants who work at Outsourced CFO are called OCFOs. As we all know, OCFOs are balanced people who are as capable of building complex, integrated and effective financial systems, as they are at being creative and open-minded in their work. However, there is little known about the three men who steer this vehicle daily, our three beloved Directors: Louw, Dana and Jacques.

Louw Barnardt (CA)SA

Louw is the co-founder and Managing Director of Outsourced CFO.

A man of many talents and passions, Louw wasted no time in earning a name for himself in-industry through a series of remarkable feats immediately after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. Considering his positive energy and precise work-ethic, building the company’s vision, its team, its network, its clients and its opportunities are all considered a normal part of the job for Louw. He is an incredible maximiser that takes working in the business as seriously as he does working on the business.

Louw’s work has seen him listed as the youngest entrepreneur on SAICA’s Top 35 under 35 CA’s in South Africa, named among the Fast Company Top 20 under 30, and chosen to travel abroad and represent South Africa at the One Young World summit in Canada by the Chartered Accountants Worldwide organisation.

As a catalyst for driving business growth and entrepreneurship, Louw coaches, mentors and judges at various business incubators, accelerators and entrepreneurship development programs. In addition to heading up OCFO, Louw holds various directorial positions in real estate, venture capital and tourism endeavours.

Dana Pretorius (CA)SA

MD and co-founder Dana is a warm and friendly super-human-machine. He has been working hard since the inception of OCFO to create not only value for clients, but culture for staff.

Dana and Louw share a decade-long friendship that was established in University and solidified during a shared articles experience. The relationship was forged through important shared interests and a fascination in the different and complementary strengths that each is able to bring to the table, the result of which is the company we have today.

Although Dana possesses uncanny abilities in strategy, he is creative at heart, a matter that only furthers his ability to perform. Forever curious to learn more and innovate, Dana is an incredible backbone to this business, largely responsible for forging a strong company with an even stronger culture. As an independent and outgoing child interested in team sports, Dana garnered behavioral traits at an early age that were later essential to the philosophy of the successful OCFO startup team. “Young, hungry, imaginative and professional people who are in-touch with trends are responsible for the evolution of this business and we will never run out of room for this kind of mentality.”

Jacques le Grange (CA)SA

Jacques joined the OCFO Team in 2014 and moved on to become the third director of the company shortly afterwards, in the December of 2015, for a number of good reasons.

With an innate desire to serve, Jacques tackles positioning, integration, innovation and complex problem solving within the sphere of financial systems boldly. Forever improving his capability alongside the latest developments in technology, he is a consistent creator of value for clients and OCFO alike.

Methodical in his ways, Jacques has mastered his gift for systems-thinking and he never fails to impress with the heavyweight insights that follow his precise work. Fittingly, Jacques is therefore more than capable of streamlining business functions for clients, sometimes seemingly effortlessly.

Furthermore, Jacques is naturally incredible with people, all owing to his astounding humility, his dexterous emotional intelligence, and his trusted professional competence. When not outdoors trail-running or swimming, Jacques can be found serving his faith diligently, or in staff-meetings timing comedy perfectly, or enjoying a cup of quality coffee with his beautiful wife.

Under the leadership of the three directors OCFO was awarded a second place at the Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards in the category of Best Emerging Company in the Province in 2016.