Our Packages

In order to deliver the most appropriate finance solution to each of our clients, we offer three distinct packages that are differentiated by time allocation and the level of thought leadership input.


8 hours per month
With local and global perspectives and understanding, we help you to build a strong and controlled internal financial structure for your company that minimises risk and increases efficiency. Using cloud accounting and live financial information systems, our insightful OCFOs manage your company’s various financial intricacies from cash flow to compliance. Our aim is to help you accomplish fast, accurate and complete business practice, and enable you to further compete in and add value to the marketplace.


16 hours per month
In a competitive and fast evolving market, we assist you in the smooth and efficient operation of your company using streamlined cloud systems and dashboards that account for everything from invoicing to expense claims, creating room for our heavyweight OCFOs to help you strategically plan the profitable innovation and growth of your company. Our aim is to help you achieve and sustain further growth in your business’ performance in the best possible way.


32 hours per month
As an already successful company, our visionary OCFOs help you to further understand and unlock your business’ true value, gain access to funding and investments, analyse, target and win the best deals, consider regional, national and global expansion, and lead the increase and acceleration of your revenue streams with sophisticated insights and high performance business models and strategies. Our aim is to help you achieve reputable and distinctive business eminence.

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Our Process

We use a three-step process in order to deliver the most efficient, effective and sustainable service to our clients.


We provide integrity and professional excellence in the rethinking of every element of your current financial scenario, considering what has been and what you would like to be. With this context in mind and the intention of ensuring that your business is performing optimally, we help you to identify and focus on the best possible business practice.


Using a variety of processes and technology, we work meticulously to streamline your business operations and create clever, measurable, effective and efficient financial performance. By helping you to free up your energy, time and money, our intention is to both unlock and enable growth in your business.


Within informed and calculated financial parameters, we work with you to build a sustainable growth model and strategically scale up your company. Our aim is to help you achieve your true potential – competitive, flexible and value-driven business eminence.


The Specifics

Cash Flow Budgeting

Your OCFO will assist you in drawing up a business strategy, and introduce you to a network of potential suppliers and partners to increase the sustainability of your business.

Risk & Internal Control Overview

In order to identify and manage business risks, we perform a detailed analysis of your business cycle and operating environment.

Financial Decision-making

The on-going financial decisions that are part of operating a business have an impact on your resources. Whether you need to decide on buying versus renting your premises or machinery, or when to employ someone new, your OCFO can help you identify all the quantitative and qualitative variables and implications so you can make an informed decision that is right for your business.

Post-investment Financial Management

Where venture capital and private equity are concerned, your OCFO can act as post-investment financial manager. Where an investor has bought a material stake in a private company, but is not directly involved with business management, we place a chartered accountant into the business to actively monitor and report on financial decision-making and performance to the investor. Having a qualified financial professional actively involved in investee companies offers great peace of mind to the funding partner.

Business Analysis & Cost Structuring

We analyse your revenue and cost streams and identify areas that are not running efficiently. All fixed and variable costs are reviewed to help your business run at maximum capacity.

Investment & Funding Readiness Implementation

To get your business primed for outside funding and investment, your OCFO will identify areas that need improvement and implement strategies to address those areas.

Accounting Training

We analyse your accounting system, and proper training is given to your accountant in all aspects of best practice financial management and financial reporting standards.

Strategy & Synergies

Your OCFO will assist you in drawing up a business strategy, and introduce you to a network of potential suppliers and partners to increase the sustainability of your business.

Implementation of Management Accounts

We identify deliverables, and set up a proper system of management accounting. Your OCFO will then review these accounts on a monthly basis along with management to identify financial and cash flow risks and to set goals for figures and ratios, The OCFO will also give advice on ways to save money and optimise revenue.

Ad Hoc Engagements

Additional services such as compilation of financial statements, audit readiness engagements, financial plan set-up and reviews, financial due diligence are also available. Whatever your financial advice and management needs are, we are here to help.

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