The Smartest Way To Get Business Finance

Get your business funded fast on RainFin – an online lending marketplace

Through Outsourced CFO's partnership with RainFin, we offer you access to:

  • Fast, easy and flexible finance
  • An alternative to invoice factoring
  • Online loan application, accessible 24/7
  • Low interest rates and fees

A Trusted Alternative Way To Get Business Finance

Online Lending Marketplace

The RainFin lending marketplace enables business borrowers to create loan listings according to their needs and individual lenders, looking for diversification and returns, to fund them. Borrowers receive preferred rates and lenders better returns, all with the benefit of lower fees. Barclays Africa has a 49% stake in RainFin and is also a lender on the RainFin marketplace.

Customise Your Loan Terms

Loan terms are customisable on the RainFin lending marketplace. Apply for a business loan to the maximum value of R750,000 and have the flexability to pay it off over a period of 12, 24, 36 or 48 months.

Competitive Rates And Low Fees

The RainFin marketplace offers multiple lenders who compete for portions of loans and this drives interest rates down. Low overheads also results in low origination and monthly fees.

A Trusted Platform With Smart Technology

RainFin is an accredited and registered financial services and credit provider. RainFin's smart technology looks at your business' financial health and potential when evaluating your loan application.

Here is What Your Business Needs To Apply

  • Must be a South African Business.
  • Have a fairly good to great business credit rating.
  • Directors are required to have a good credit rating.
  • An annual turnover of over R1 Million.
  • Have proof of transactional history.