The Inconvenient Truth about Innovation

These days, innovation and disruption are trending terms. Changes in technology have helped us in numerous ways, whether it be saving time, improving the quality of outputs of the work we do, minimising the margin of error, or enhancing collaboration and improving access and mobility. Innovation is driving the world forwards and laying the foundations…

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Scaling Up Into The Cloud – Seven Reasons Why Your Business Should Run on Cloud Accounting Software

Automation and digitisation are major trends in scaling up companies. Streamlining your processes goes a long way towards building a successful, investable company. Very real progress in the field of cloud accounting is enabling business owners to do more, faster – enabling incredible jumps in growth and profitability potential. Accounting and software might not be…

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From Tech to Tech Start-up

Start Up

5 steps to turning South African technologies into world class technology companies World Famous financier JP Morgan threw caution and his father’s risk avoidance advice to the wind when he made his first notable venture investment into start-up inventor Thomas Edison’s Edison Electric. The rest, as they say, is history. Their partnership of science and…

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