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Why Company Values are at The Core of any Company Culture

If you have a weak core, you may experience the following: Reduced physical performance Poor balance Increased risk of injury And sometimes pain. However, our bodies are smart and have supporting muscles to hold us up when our core is down, but if you rely on your supporting muscles too much, they will be overworked,…

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The Role of Organisational Culture in Finding a Healthy Work-Life Balance  

If one could describe work-life balance in one word? Priorities. Balancing a career and professional goals with your health, social life, and leisure activities is not always easy. Whilst many like to separate work and play, American journalist, Paul Krassner observed that many find happiness in having as little separation as possible between the two.…

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5 Lessons From The ‘Facebook: Boost Your Business’ Workshop by Yoco

“Your brand has to be your personality. Don’t speak in a way that you wouldn’t talk on radio, and don’t present yourself in a way that you wouldn’t dress in a boardroom.” Yoco’s ‘Facebook: Grow Your Business’ workshop explored modern-day marketing techniques, delving into social media and branding. Attendees ranging from concept to established businessmen…

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Three Do’s & Don’ts of Social Selling

In part one of this three -parts series, you learned more about what social selling is, and where it comes from. In part two, we will dive into what I believe are the three crucial do’s and don’ts when engaging with potential clients on a personal level. If you commit yourself to becoming a social…

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Social Selling "A mere expansion on age-old sales basics"

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What is social selling and how has this concept impacted employee’s success? This three-part series aims to unpack the new process of developing social relationships as part of the sales process. Through this series of articles, we will also discover how social selling positively impacts employee’s and companies.   Part one: The origins of social…

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Looking at Xero plug-ins


Whether you are on your way to convert to Xero or maybe already on board with running this beautiful accounting software, there are a lot of other add-ons to help optimize your accounting procedures and ensure time-saving within your business. These plug-ins range from inventory to payment, payroll, conversion, CRM, time tracking, invoicing and much…

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