Financial Decision-Making

Section 12J Venture Capital

Section 12J Venture Capital Companies incentive now more attractive than ever

Over the last years, a lot of attention has been focused on the support for SME-sized companies. Most believe, government included, that the key to unlocking economic growth is within small business. But how can government incentivise the wealthy to assist in providing the funding needed to grow these […]

November Highlights

Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards (PERA) 2016

The Western Cape Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition Awards 2016 is the fourth edition of an annual competition that recognizes the achievements and potential of some of the Province’s most exciting entrepreneurs. By acknowledging and showcasing successful entrepreneurs, this Awards programme is helping to build a culture of entrepreneurship in the Western Cape – and in […]

Funding Your Business

Big Match Temperament, the ability to perform well under enormous pressure, is a pre-requisite for any entrepreneur. However, when it comes to financial decision-making, research and insight go a long way in conquering the fear and succeeding in eminence. Every business needs funds to operate and one of the largest financial decisions to make as an entrepreneur is around […]

South Africans Proudly Outsourcing to the World

Traditionally, South Africans usually look to the outside world for leadership and skills. However, evidence suggests that perhaps it is time we relook at this and, whilst respectful of international standards, understand the true value we have to offer and enter the global environment more boldly.

With financial management as a frame of reference, let’s look at the supply of, […]

Funding Your Business

BMT (Big Match Temperament) is a pre-requisite for entrepreneurship, but when it comes to Financial Decision-Making, insight and research go a long way.
Many entrepreneurs are in need of capital funding to get their business off the ground. Here are things you need to consider in order to make the best choice for your business.
Funding Your Company:
Every business needs funds […]

Dividends or Salaries?

How to fund your business and how to take money out of your business are decisions you will be faced with as an entrepreneur.

Taking financial leadership around these two issues will set you apart from the entrepreneurial rat race. Here are some key insights that might help you make the right financial decisions for your business.

See my blog with […]