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    5 Lessons From The ‘Facebook: Boost Your Business’ Workshop by Yoco

5 Lessons From The ‘Facebook: Boost Your Business’ Workshop by Yoco

“Your brand has to be your personality. Don’t speak in a way that you wouldn’t talk on radio, and don’t present yourself in a way that you wouldn’t dress in a boardroom.”

Yoco’s ‘Facebook: Grow Your Business’ workshop explored modern-day marketing techniques, delving into social media and branding. Attendees ranging from concept to established businessmen and women, came to gain […]

Scaling your business in 2018 – your best year ever

The New Year’s Resolution is dead. Setting goals is what the beginning of a new year is all about. But after a break that often feels too short for the amount of recovery that last year warrants, gearing up for the new year’s hustle will require a process. Scaling your business will take intense focus and deep wells of […]

Interview with Garreth Bloor – Goal Setting

“If somebody was introducing you as a success story, what key achievements would they highlight?”

Meet Garreth Bloor, founder of venture capital firm, Glenheim. Mr. Bloor has a colourful background, with experience in politics, economics, start-ups and investments. After completing his tertiary education at UCT, he co-founded a unique online auctioning company. The business successfully moved to the United States; […]

Three Do’s & Don’ts of Social Selling

In part one of this three -parts series, you learned more about what social selling is, and where it comes from. In part two, we will dive into what I believe are the three crucial do’s and don’ts when engaging with potential clients on a personal level. If you commit yourself to becoming a social seller and implement these […]