Section 12J Venture Capital

Section 12J Venture Capital Companies incentive now more attractive than ever

Over the last years, a lot of attention has been focused on the support for SME-sized companies. Most believe, government included, that the key to unlocking economic growth is within small business. But how can government incentivise the wealthy to assist in providing the funding needed to grow these […]

End of Financial Year Goals for Business Owners

Provisional Tax Deadline: 28 February

The second provisional tax deadline for submission and payment is due on 28 February. Make sure that your final tax planning for the financial year has been done and that your cash flow is in order for the relevant payments to be made. Unexpected accounting profits while there is no cash available to pay the […]

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Outsourced CFO and The Board of Directors


Chartered Accountants and Professional Accountants who work at Outsourced CFO are called OCFOs. As we all know, OCFOs are balanced people who are as capable of building complex, integrated and effective financial systems, as they are at being creative and open-minded in their work. However, there is little known about the three men who steer this vehicle daily, our […]

90′ Minutes with Rick Warren

At the age of 17, I read The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren. With over 30 million copies sold, it’s thoughts about leadership and a life of purpose are some of the foundations on which I have tried to build my life. What an honour it was to be able to tell Rick this in person in Washington early […]

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    The Future of Doing Business in South Africa – Risk vs Reward

The Future of Doing Business in South Africa – Risk vs Reward

By now it is no secret. People have spoken about the fork in the road that we as a country find ourselves at, as well the knife’s edge on which our young democracy is balancing. There is no doubt that now will go down as a pivotal time in South Africa’s history.

Economically, our environment is tough. Slow if not […]

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5 Key Steps to Getting Your Tech Start-Up Funding Ready

Gaining access to the lifeblood of seed capital is critical for any high growth start-up. You need to be fast to market with enough resources to develop your product, gain traction and unlock value. But a strong team, good infrastructure and market-access all create a burn that cannot be bootstrapped for long.

Having worked with multiple innovative technology and IT […]

5 Key Steps to Tripling Your Bottom Line

In today’s economy, making a profit is tough and maintaining profit is even harder. However, doubling and tripling it is a whole other ball game. We know it’s not all about the money, but without money you cannot realise any of the dreams that you have for your business. This is an exciting part of the process OCFOs go […]

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Euphoria Telecom

Outsourced CFO is proud to be working with yet another top emerging technology company! For businesses in South Africa, Euphoria Telecom offers a complete business communications solution that combines the characteristics of a sophisticated proprietary Cloud PBX service with the ease and cost efficiency of VoIP.

Established in 2010, Euphoria proudly hosts over 1,000 business customers, including listed companies, large […]

Nooraan Shaik

Meet Nooraan Shaik, our resident wonder woman. Responsible for many things from business development to recruitment, Nooraan has been adding value in more ways than one can count from the very start. Here’s a little more about Nooraan:

Nooraan, which means ‘a beautiful light’ in Arabic, was raised in Port Shepstone by two incredibly loving parents, who are to this […]

One Young World – Inspiring Change Around the World

October month saw the global leadership summit One Young World hosted in Ottawa, Canada. I was lucky enough to be chosen by Chartered Accountants Worldwide to represent SAICA and South Africa at the summit.

With beautiful Capitol Hill in the background, the stage began to fill with the superstar world leaders that would address the summit over the coming days. […]

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